8 March, 2021

Africa, an Entire Continent of Retards

Posted by Socrates in Africa, Black invasion of Western world, Black IQ, blacks, Blacks abusing White technology, Blacks as a failed race, Blacks as worthless, Blacks in America, Socrates at 10:45 am | Permanent Link

In Black Africa, the average IQ is 75. In Black America, the average IQ is 85. In White America and the Western world, the average IQ is 100. More trivia: for safety reasons, airplanes from Ghana are banned from entering U.S. airspace. (Although not an African country, airplanes from the Black island of Curacao [in the Dutch West Indies] are also banned from U.S. airspace).

Yet, we encourage Black Africans to come to the Western world! Why? The idea is to make the West better, not worse.

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