4 March, 2021

An Essay About Dolly Parton

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The essay, written by a Black woman, is called “The Dolly Moment: Why We Stan A Post-Racism Queen.”

(My comments are in bold text).

There are a lot of empty words here, in my opinion. What is the author trying to say? That Dolly isn’t a “racist”? We knew that already. She has never given any indication that she is a racist. Her pal Linda Ronstadt would not be her pal if she were a “racist” given Ronstadt’s disdain for anything “racist” (such as a border fence).

“Stan”? That’s not a word. It’s a name, short for “Stanley” e.g. Stanley Kubrick. Just because high-school cheerleaders in California use “stan” as a word for “adore” doesn’t mean it’s a word. Yeah, I know it came from Eminem — all the more reason to reject it.

“When this nation is feeling its most troubled, it is always about race and always because it is being racist.”

America has not been a nation since the unconstitutional Civil Rights Act of 1964. Most of White America is not racist and that’s the whole problem. We should be racist. Racism keeps us safe from outsiders.

Also, “race doesn’t exist,” remember? It’s a “social construct,” according to every university professor, every Tuesday and Thursday (but on Monday and Wednesday, race does exist in order for them to demonize White people as being “racists”; liberalism is never consistent and this issue is no different).

“She turned herself into a feminine ideal that trades in the most grotesque ideas of eugenic whiteness — pale skin, blonde hair, thin body, big breasts.”

So, being a slender, well-built, blonde White woman is “grotesque??” Ahhh. Some people would call that “racism.”

“Blonde is code for white. That code channels oppression and desire, beckoning us only to exclude most of us.”

Of course blonde is “code” for White. Did you think it was code for Japanese?

“Dolly’s whiteness, the whiteness of country music, and the voids evident in it is as much a part of Dolly’s legacy as her prodigious songwriting and subversive drag.”

So, had Dolly been Mexican or Black, she would not have succeeded in the music business, despite her talent? Her Whiteness “bought her” a place in the music business? Is that the message? And, of course the country music business is White. Who expected it to be Chinese? (Although in 2021 it probably is Chinese-owned). What’s the bottom line here? Dolly is a great heroine, a great female artist, but her success is nonetheless due to her “White privilege”?? Is that the message here? (Note for the record that Dolly has written about 1,000 songs, half of which have been recorded by various musical artists including Whitney Houston).


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