14 March, 2021

Antifa: Spoiled, Rich Thugs

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These Marxist punks go home every night to a big house in the suburbs and eat quiche with daddy-the-banker and mommy-the-lawyer. The next day they’re in the streets again, throwing bricks and screaming about how rotten America is. Oh, the rottenness!! Yeah, you’ve got it real rough, Goldberg! America is a friggin’ paradise for the Jews! Ever notice that, in a room full of people, a Jew is the first person to stand up and complain? “It’s too cold in here!” “Where are the bagels?? They told me there would be bagels for lunch but I don’t see any bagels! That’s anti-Semitism!” Being an antifa thug fits the Jew mentality perfectly. They’re natural complainers, never satisfied with anything.

It’s not surprising that antifa thugs would come from wealthy, privileged homes: the roots of the original antifa movement in Germany circa 1919 were wealthy and Jewish. Mommy and daddy were diamond merchants or bankers. Antifa in Germany was a Jewish movement from Day 1. Today, antifa gets most of its money and legal protection from wealthy Jews.

In other words, little has changed in 100 years.


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