19 March, 2021

Full Metal Jacket, or, The War That Rostow Built

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It’s a good movie, from 1987. Thanks, Rostow! Without you, the Vietnam War wouldn’t have happened and this movie never would have been made!

The Jewish neocon Walt Rostow (1916-2003) was President Kennedy’s friend and national security advisor. He convinced Kennedy to begin an anti-communist crusade in Southeast Asia (beginning in Laos in 1961) and, to a lesser extent, in Latin America. The Rostow Thesis was basically this: “The U.S. could save the entire world from communism as long as the third world strictly followed and obeyed the economic/political ideas of the U.S. and as long as America could ‘nurture’ and ‘grow’ the third world by feeding it capitalism and anti-communism via a huge, steady supply of U.S. aid, including lots of money.” (More tikkun olam, in other words). Well, that didn’t happen: America lost the war and wasted billions of dollars, and thousands of White lives, fighting it. Communism increased dramatically in the 1970s, e.g., Nicaragua, Cambodia, Angola. Never listen to Jewish “experts.”

[Online movie, 2 hours].

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