6 March, 2021

Green Marxism: a Global Weapon To Hinder White Culture and Transfer Wealth

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OMG!! More Lockdowns Needed, This Time To Combat Global Warming!

The Left has fallen in love with lockdowns, so look for them to be “the new normal”; every new “crisis” will require lockdowns.

Consider the “urgent” language in this article. Quick! Hurry! Right Away! “Countries must urgently intensify their efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions…” and “and may be followed by a swift rebound unless countries take rapid action to direct their economies away from fossil fuels.” Hurry! There’s no time to lose! Today! Right now! It’s hysteria.

You knew it would happen, didn’t you? Green Marxism is flexing its muscles! Soon, Green Marxism will be used to fight all sorts of White successes. Soon they’ll be limiting how much electricity each household can use per week. Or how much gas you can buy per month. Or how far you can drive per month. With Green Marxism, the sky is the limit, when you think about it.

Since 1970, Jews have played a huge role in the “ecology” or “green” movement, for example, the murderer Ira Einhorn (aka “The Unicorn Killer”) and Dr. Barry Commoner. Another huge player in the “green” movement was the Canadian (non-Jewish) socialist Maurice Strong. It’s a far-left movement run by Jews and wackos. Pay no attention to it (just kidding. You must pay attention to it, you have no choice).

Furthermore, China and India will still keep polluting the earth with CO2 like gangbusters, no matter what happens. Those two countries put out tons of CO2 per day.

But it’s all a moot point, because the earth has only warmed 1 degree since circa 1870. That’s not proof of anything. It was actually warmer in the Middle Ages than it is today.


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