12 March, 2021

Hear That Sound? The Economy Is Crashing

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Liberals are idiots. Name one liberal president who ever had a good economy. You can’t. Liberals always kill the economy because they don’t grasp economics because their many hatreds blind them to all reality. Heck, Biden killed 10,000 oil pipeline jobs his first day in office! Biden thinks a “bottom-up” economy can work. Nope. No way. Poor people don’t create jobs. Rich people create jobs. A rich guy will open a restaurant, thereby creating 12 new jobs. And no, I’m not a fan of rich people. I come from blue-collar, working-class roots. But that’s reality. A rich guy is much more “valuable” to the economy than a poor guy. Rich guys re-invest in the economy, over and over again. But don’t expect a hate-filled liberal to grasp that.


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