31 March, 2021

New Social Media Platform Is Great If Not Censored

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This new social-media platform from Mike Lindell and like-minded people (called “Frank”) will be great, if it allows genuine free speech. Not half-free speech, not cucked free speech, not neocon free speech, but genuine free speech in which all things can be discussed and debated freely, i.e., no topic is off-limits. The worst thing they can do is go all PC and censor certain topics.

“The forthcoming social media website from MyPillow’s Mike Lindell will be able to handle more than a billion users, Lindell said this week. “I believe it will handle upwards of a billion. If it doesn’t, we will get to that capacity. I don’t think that’s exaggerated, by any means”….“it’s going to be the safest, secure platform. I built it expecting to be attacked.”


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