25 March, 2021

The Changing of the Buzzword

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Two things:

1. The universal buzzword used to be “equality,” but now it’s been changed to “equity” — why the change?

A news quote: “On many occasions, Thomas has pointed out that equity is different than equality. Equity may require more than equal to make up for past inequity.” Ahhhh! That’s it! There’s the reason for the change! Negroes get more free stuff from Whitey! [1].

2. Why worry about “equity”? I thought race was just a “social construct”? I thought “race doesn’t matter, we are all the same, skin color doesn’t matter, blah, blah, blah”? (You can probably thank the Jew, Otto Klineberg, for that idea. He famously said “there’s only one race: the human race.” Sure, Klineberg). If we are all equal, how would “inequity” exist in the first place??



[1] Equality = everyone is given the same thing, or the same opportunity at least. Equity = the lowest people on the social/racial ladder are given whatever advantages they need in order to be “equal” to the higher-up-the-ladder people, no matter how ridiculous those things might be. Equity is equality on steroids. The liberals are getting desperate to “equalize humanity” before too many people notice that humans aren’t equal.

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