10 March, 2021

The Coming Backlash Against the Left?

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Everyone I meet today is depressed. I mean everyone. Even some of the smarter liberals are depressed, because they know that actions usually have consequences: are they creating millions of Trump clones (right-wing populists)?

Leftists are assholes, we know that, but during the past few years, they have gone far, far beyond their usual assholey behavior. First they smeared Trump’s reputation, then they tried to frame and railroad him, then they tried to impeach him (twice, actually), then they began canceling almost everyone on the internet, then they permitted 6 months of rioting in various cities, then they stole the election, then they canceled anyone who said that the election was stolen, then they installed Joe “Where’s My Brain?” Biden into the White House, and word has it he’s already a “weekend” president. You can hardly get any more assholey than that. I mean, really.

And the Leftists know that they have been assholey because they have stationed Army troops around D.C. and they have just announced that they will leave the troops there until late May at least — which will of course change and the troops will be there until 2024 [Here]. So the Leftists know they behaved worse than they ever have before.

How long will it take for conservative America to finally say “we’re not taking this crap anymore!”? Not long, I’m guessing.

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