7 March, 2021

The Floyd Circus in Minneapolis: This is What Happens When Your Country Is Dying From Multiculturalism and Marxism

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They’ve got 4 layers of fences with barbed wire on top around the courthouse in Minneapolis! It would have been a lot easier to move the trial upstate (see below).

The Hulking Black Ex-Convict, George Floyd, was caught on audio and video saying roughly “Mama! Mama! I can’t breathe!” a full five minutes before the White cop (allegedly) “kneed” him on the ground after Floyd resisted arrest. Floyd was still standing when he said that! So Floyd obviously ODed on the dope he swallowed (in order to avoid being arrested for the dope). What a joke.

Trivia: the police department in Minneapolis allowed such “knee on neck” restraints when the Floyd incident happened in May 2020. So the cop was performing a permitted type of restraint.

Furthermore, how can Officer Chauvin get a fair trial in Minneapolis? Why didn’t they move the trial upstate, to get a more-impartial jury?


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