9 March, 2021

The Mob vs. the Klan, 1964, Mississippi

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In 1964, the FBI “hired” a tough, New York City mobster named Greg Scarpa to go to Mississippi and find out who had killed the 3 civil-rights workers (i.e., 2 Jews, 1 Black). He did. By using violence. The murders were Klan-connected, according to Scarpa and the feds.

The 3 civil-rights workers were warned repeatedly by the citizens to stay out of Mississippi. I recall reading that one southerner told the 3 workers: “You Yankees destroyed the South once. You’re not gonna do it again.” (But they did do it. The Jewish-sponsored civil-rights laws of the 1960s destroyed the South for good) [1].

[Video, 1 hour 47 minutes].


[1] for example, the ground-breaking Civil Rights Act of 1964 came from a Jew, congressman Emanuel Celler, as House bill H.R.7152, introduced in Congress on June 20, 1963.

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