29 March, 2021

U.S. Military Hires New Diversity & Inclusion Chief

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Diversity: a code word for “fewer White people but more Brown/Black people.” In other words: the dispossession of White people in their own countries. In other words: genocide. Who built the U.S. military anyway? White people. So, the very people who built the military are being pushed to the sidelines. Good! It’s time for Whitey to stop serving the Zionist Occupation Government (a.k.a., “ZOG,” which was coined by former military intelligence officer Eric Thomson in 1976). Let the Blacks and Browns fight wars for Israel. In fact, it’s time for Whitey to drop out of society, period. It’s time for Whitey to develop an alternate society of his own: his own media, his own money, his own ideas, everything. A White society of his own.

So, apparently, bringing low-IQ negroes, Muslims and homosexuals into the U.S. military makes it “better.” If that’s true, then the military must have been horribly ineffective and incompetent in 1960, when there were few “quota hires” in it. Of course, it wasn’t. The U.S. military was a pretty good outfit in 1960.

The Chinese military must be laughing very hard right now.

“USSOCOM welcomes our new Chief of Diversity & Inclusion”


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