17 March, 2021

Virginia: Leftists Plan to Dox Parents Who Object to Cultural Marxism in Schools

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Leftism: It’s “our way or no way.” You don’t get to choose. Just look at California: everything there is either mandatory or banned. Is there anybody more cruel than a leftist? No. (Wait, upon reflection, Jews are more cruel than mere leftists). Leftists are children in adult bodies and we all know how cruel children can be.

“The members of the Facebook group are obsessed with destroying critics of Critical Race Theory, an inherently racist anti-white marxist doctrine that is now being taught to federal officials.” [1].



[1] Critical Race Theory (CRT) is just more Cultural Marxism. CRT sprang from the earlier Critical Legal Studies (CLS), which was founded largely by a Jew, Alan David Freeman (1943-1995), a political activist and a law professor at the University of Buffalo Law School. CLS morphed into CRT in the 1980s. Both movements contained a lot of Jews. Regarding CRT and CLS, think “Critical Theory applied to American law.” In other words, American law was politicized to benefit racial minorities. That’s not good.

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