8 April, 2021

A Modern Magnus Hirschfeld

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First Hirschfeld, then Biber (pronounced “Bye-ber”). Jews have a funny habit of pioneering “liberating” movements that are harmful to Western culture: Marxism, feminism, socialism, civil rights, human rights, homosexual rights, “sex-change” procedures, etc. You name the “liberating” movement and it’s a safe bet that Jews pioneered it.

There’s no such thing as “sex-change” surgery but Biber pioneered it anyway. Removing a guy’s dick and then creating a fake vagina in its place is not “changing his sex.” It’s sexual mutilation.

From 2006, but still very important:

“Stanley H. Biber, a small-town Colorado doctor who for decades was internationally renowned as the dean of sex-change surgery, died on Monday at a hospital in Pueblo. He was 82 and lived in Hoehne, Colo.”

“He became one of the country’s most prolific providers of the operation, which, it was estimated, he performed more than 4,000 times beginning in 1969.”


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