29 April, 2021

American Nurse Witnessed Murders of Patients During the Covid Scamdemic

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Nothing surprises me anymore. I’m now jaded due to living in America over the past 2 years.

Smell that? It’s the smell of lawsuits. Lots and lots of lawsuits. So many, in fact, that New York will go bankrupt. The Jews will have to beg White people for food (shades of Dachau!).

Also, there will be twice as much public fear during the next scamdemic, due to sickening events like these. Nice going, leftists and Jews. You really blew it. What started out as a sneaky plan to push Donald Trump out of office and bankrupt his conservative, White, business-owning supporters with endless lockdowns morphed into a genuine crisis that killed many thousands of innocents, liberal and conservative alike. It also caused untold numbers of suicides and divorces. Furthermore, now the public doesn’t trust the medical community anymore, or public officials. The damage that the Covid scamdemic has caused in America will take decades to recover from.

A news quote: “(The nurse) said patients who repeatedly tested negative for the virus were being labeled as “COVID confirmed” in their medical charts, and that triggered a higher level of compensation from the government. She told LifeSiteNews those “perverse incentives” from the Department of Health and Human Services provided $13,000 for each COVID patient, or $39,000 if they were put on a ventilator.”


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