12 April, 2021

Blacks: Not Human

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To be a human, one must behave like a human.

“Today it is questionable what Blacks could achieve on their own, without the intervention of others giving to them all the things they could never produce or maintain themselves. Though we see Blacks walking around in business suits, speaking English, shooting guns, and making use of all sorts of non-Black generated goods and services and inventions and ideas and discoveries — none of them originate from the Black man. Without the continuous intervention of charity into Black Africa, it’s unknown whether they could even maintain what they have, or if they would simply regress back to mud huts the moment we left. All current Black civilization is in fact transplanted non-Black civilization. There is not as yet a single Black civilization on Earth that has independently developed and maintained its own technological and philosophical way of life. No Blacks have won any Nobel prizes in the hard sciences, Fields medals, or gotten any spot on a list of human accomplishment that would represent some major scientific or technological advancement for the world.”


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