9 April, 2021

Court-Packing in 2021

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Remember court-packing? It’s baaaaack!

I’ve always been fascinated by how, when liberals don’t get their way, they try to remake the entire government. Sore losers! They also want to end the filibuster in the Senate, and end the electoral college.

President Roosevelt tried to “pack” the Supreme Court with more judges in 1936, but he failed. He wanted to give his liberal policies a political advantage by adding more liberal judges to the court. It was a horrible idea then, and it still is.

But now, Biden and his crew are going to look into whether court-packing can be done. Can it? I doubt it. It isn’t a popular idea with most people.

“Chairing the panel are Bob Bauer, a New York University law school professor and former White House counsel and Yale Law School Professor Cristina Rodriguez, former deputy assistant attorney general at the Justice Department” [1].

So, a Jew and a Mexican/Latina are gonna lead the group that will decide if the highest court in America will be ruined or not. Oh, boy!



[1] “Born in New York City into a Jewish family, Bauer graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy in 1970. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard College in 1973, and his Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1976.” — Wikipedia, April 2021

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