20 April, 2021

Famous Atheist Runs Afoul of the Cancel Culture

Posted by Socrates in "cancel culture"/censorship, "gender theory", "gender", 'gender identity', 'progressive' liberals, 'sex-change', 'tolerance', 'transgender', France at 2:47 pm | Permanent Link

Woe to the person who doesn’t worship at The Temple of Tranny in 2021. Just ask this guy Dawkins.

Being a tranny gives you amazing power (i.e., the power of the victim/the outsider). No one can criticize you or question your moral status. You’re like a Holocaust survivor, a rape victim and a battered wife all combined into one person. You’re the ultimate victim of White male oppression and patriarchy! Damn those evil pale males!

It’s remarkable how “legitimate” the transgender movement has become — remarkable because there’s no such thing as “transgender.” Just like there’s no such thing as the Easter Bunny, or Bigfoot, or a virgin in France (in France, babies are born unchaste, just like in California. A rabbi told me that. Wonder how he knew?…).


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