2 April, 2021

In the Future, Everything Will Be International

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Bye-bye, local and regional health and safety control. There’s a new, global sheriff in town: Marshal HealthGuard! The World Health Organization (WHO) sent him. He approves, or rejects, everything health-and-safety related. You best stay on his good side, if ya know what I mean — such as wearing a Covid face mask until 2028, at least, unless the Covid vaccine kills you, and then you won’t have to (in theory at least).

Has your new office building been blessed by Marshal HealthGuard with his international stamp of health-and-safety-approval? It hasn’t been blessed? Well, that’s extremely problematic! How badly do you want to open your building to the public? Not very badly, it seems. Marshal HealthGuard is a rules freak, ya know. It’s his way, or no way! If you want that stamp, you gotta do better: every employee of yours must get 6 Covid vaccinations — per year. No exceptions unless you’re a billionaire.

(Curiously, this “WELL Building Institute” in NYC is overwhelmingly female-run. Roughly 80% of the staff is female: out of 66 staff personnel, 50 are female, according to my count. Apparently, famous celebrities have endorsed this institute).


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