25 April, 2021

Noel Ignatiev Redux: the New Narrative

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It seems that, as the Jewish communist Noel Ignatiev (1940-2019; he was the inventor of “White privilege” theory, which was originally called “White skin privilege” theory) inched closer and closer to his grave, he decided to “nice himself up” a little after years of saying that White people are evil and should be genocided. He apparently didn’t want to leave such a horrible and controversial legacy.

So, near the end of his days, Ignatiev created a new narrative: his vicious White-hating was all a hoax! It was “satire” that was wrongly reported as “straight news” by right-wingers, such as Rush Limbaugh, he said. He never said those horrible things. It never happened.

If you buy Ignatiev’s new narrative, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. I’ll toss in a highway, too.

(Curiously, Ignatiev said that race was a “social construct.” How many times have you heard that! I guess George Washington’s and Abe Lincoln’s skins weren’t really White, their skins were just a mass hallucination! Everyone dreamed it. If race is a construct and not biological, then how and why did Ignatiev invent — with the White communist Ted Allen — the concept of “White skin privilege” circa 1967? If race is only a social construct, and not real, how does “White skin” come into play? That is pure postmodernist bullshit, which is so typical of Jews and leftists. And furthermore, a note about Allen: big money says that 90%, or even all, of the “White privilege” idea came from Ignatiev, not from Allen. Why? Because Jews have originated nearly all anti-White ideas since 1837 starting with Moses Hess’ socialism and Karl Marx’s communism, the latter of which was designed to destroy England but it never did [1][2]. Cultural Marxism, however, is destroying England right now! And America, and Canada, etc. CM is doing what Marxism couldn’t!).



[1] Hess’ first writings pre-date Marx’s and his book “Holy History of Mankind” (1837) may have been the first book to advocate social equality for all; Marx didn’t publish “The Communist Manifesto” until 1848. Hess radicalized both Marx and Engels. Marx believed in violent class conflict and revolution, while Hess didn’t.

[2] one article puts the entire idea on Ignatiev’s shoulders and not on Allen’s: “The “White Skin Privilege” idea was created in 1967 by Noel Ignatiev, an acolyte of Derrick Bell and professor at Harvard’s W.E.B. Du Bois Institute.” [Here].

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  7. One Response to “Noel Ignatiev Redux: the New Narrative”

    1. Luke Says:

      Looking at the linked article where he tries to deny he ever advocated for the genocide of Whites, it was immediately obvious to me here we have a typical jew, engaging in typical hair splitting chutzpathic jewspeak, trying to weasel word his way of the hot water he got himself in for dropping his mask and revealing just how evil he and most of his fellow tribesmen are and how much of a threat they are to the survival of White European people.