1 April, 2021

Speaking of Postmodernism

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“Right, wrong, facts, truth, reality — those are just words that White men toss around to oppress women and Black people. There are no such things as facts or truth or reality. Truth is relative. Nothing is absolute. If you believe it, then it’s true.” — a typical postmodernist. This is the clinical definition of insanity: “not being able to distinguish between fantasy and reality.” All postmodernists are therefore insane.

Postmodernism is basically reality-denial [1]. Like regular Marxism, it’s designed to confuse people and pit them against each other, to overturn normal White society. If you thought there were no limits to Cultural Marxism, well, just consider postmodernism! It’s Cultural Marxism on steroids. Anything is possible with postmodernism: 5 + 5 could equal 17 or 29 or 53 using postmodernism. Reality goes out the window. Invent freely. Just make things up as you go along! The sky is really green?? Okay! Men can become women?? Sounds cool! Words are violence?? Now we can arrest White people for speaking! (the Jew, Ludwig Wittgenstein, pioneered that idea, i.e., he said that words don’t have concrete meanings and can mean almost anything you want them to mean).

Headline: “Profs help push program that claims math is ‘racist’ because it requires a ‘right answer'”.

This math baloney is pure Jacques Derrida (a godfather of postmodernism). That little Jew insisted that “there’s no such thing as facts or truth” because, apparently, every person has their own definition of truth. How utterly ridiculous! There are genuinely true things, such as “it snowed in Cleveland yesterday.” Some things are true, period, end of debate. Like, if you have 2 apples and add 2 more apples to them, then you have 4 apples. Period. Not 5, not 3; no matter how much dope you smoke, no matter how much Derrida you read, the answer will always be 4.



[1] Marxism was on its way out circa 1960. Most people were bored and disenchanted with it. But just then, the French postmodernist assholes revived Marxism by re-inventing it as postmodernism, which actually covers a lot of ground: art, architecture, literature, philosophy, politics. Some people call it postMarxism. Like Critical Theory, postmodernism is based on criticism and on tearing-down the existing order of things. It’s basically Cultural Marxism, but more severe in many ways as it denies reality and truth

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