2 April, 2021

The Great Reset Is Coming. World Leaders Want It

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(Above: UNESCO’s Brown Man circa 1960. Featureless, faceless, universal, one-size-fits-all. Not White. This is the future of mankind, by design).

But don’t worry. They’re world leaders. They know what’s best for us! Right? Hmmm. You seem skeptical.

One people. One government. One currency. No borders. Cradle-to-grave socialism/communism. A global parliament in Jerusalem making all of the laws. No races. No classes. No genders. Free tacos. What’s not to love about that?? UNESCO’s Universal Brown Man: he’s almost here! Yay! Human worker bees! Each one the same as the next one! Everybody’s brains will atrophy from non-use, but that’s okay, you won’t need brains, because the global overlords will tend to your every need. Human sheep. Baaa-aaah.


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