27 April, 2021

Towards Third-World Living in America

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In Brown households, it’s common to have 8 or more related people living under one roof: grandparents, uncles, aunts, parents, kids. But in White households? Not so much: it’s usually just the “immediate nuclear family”: a father, a mother, and 2 kids. (The nuclear family is a White Western thing and has been since circa 1850. The extended family, under one roof, is a non-Western thing).

But as America collapses into ridiculousness (thanks to liberals and Jews controlling our society, instead of being arrested and jailed like they should be), look for the word “family” to take on a whole different meaning. “Family” will soon mean 9 relatives crammed into a tiny apartment eating expired food; it’ll be only a little better than Cuba. All the adult children will be there, too.

A funny video. Listen when she coughs. A girl with a sense of humor! Gotta love that. Too few women have a sense of humor.

[Video; 12 minutes].

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