11 April, 2021

Wait, They Said That Black Lives Matter

Posted by Socrates in 'Black Lives Matter', black behavior, black behavior vs. white behavior, Black Cities, black crime, black culture, Black mentality, Blacks as a failed race, Blacks as child-like, Blacks as worthless, Blacks in America, Socrates at 11:43 am | Permanent Link

If Black lives matter, why do Blacks kill so many Blacks? In Chicago and Baltimore, Blacks kill other Blacks by the thousands. Yet, we are constantly told that “Black lives matter.” They do? I’m doubting that. Indeed, if “Black lives matter” it would be self-evident: you wouldn’t have to say it every day.

“Charlotte, North Carolina is a majority white city, but homicide appears to be an avocation primarily committed by the black minority population. The violence of black people, almost exclusively by black individuals targeting other blacks, has nothing to do with white people. It has everything to do with a lack of impulse control and a poor future time-orientation…”


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