24 April, 2021

Why Is Everything Liberal?

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Everything is liberal because liberals fight harder than conservatives. Why? Because liberals are more emotional and more intolerant (yes, more intolerant) than conservatives, which is funny because for the past 50 years they have insisted that they’re the most “tolerant” of all people. If you are more emotional, you will fight harder. So 1 liberal will outfight 5 or even 10 conservatives, politically speaking. This is a serious problem in America. Think of it like football: Liberals are always playing offense and are always gaining ground. Conservatives are always playing defense and are never gaining any ground. Playing defense is not fighting.(Conservatives need to better familiarize themselves with the concept of force multipliers. A billionaire is a force multiplier. So is a computer, so are websites and email lists. Use them to your advantage; more action, less Jesus).


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