11 May, 2021

A Founding Father of the Transgender Empire

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Jews tend to lead “liberation” movements in the Western world. For example: feminism, homosexual rights, civil rights, abortion, etc. An early pioneer of the sex-change/transgender movement was the Jewish doctor Magnus Hirschfeld, in Germany, circa 1905. Another, later, Jewish pioneer of the sex-change movement was Stanley H. Biber, who died in Colorado in 2006.

With that in mind, this article should not surprise you:

“The document Rothblatt drafted would later be referred to as the International Bill of Gender Rights (IBGR).” [1].



[1] “Born as Martin Rothblatt to a Jewish family in Chicago, Illinois in 1954 to Rosa Lee and Hal Rothblatt, a dentist, she was raised in a suburb of San Diego, California.” — Wikipedia, May 2021

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