10 May, 2021

A Genuine Conspiracy to Control Health-Related Information

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There are lots of conspiracy theories around. But here’s a real one. This article is from December, but some people may have missed it: it’s about a genuine, global conspiracy to shape “news” and information about Covid-19. What will be said about it, what won’t be said about it, etc.

So much for “democracy” and “freedom of speech” and so forth. This runs directly against those cherished ideas.

This manipulation of health information is a danger to public safety: just ask the 3,500 people who have already died from the Covid vaccine, which has not been fully approved by the FDA and is being used on an “emergency” basis.

Also, look for all new pandemics in the West to be heavily politicized, so that frightened leftists can quickly weed out any dissenters [1].

News quote: “A coalition of news providers and tech companies has pledged to work together to tackle harmful misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines.” (“Harmful”? Who decides what is harmful? Ohhh, they do! Tech outfits are gonna decide for us!)



[1] leftists are more emotional than rightists because they rate higher in “affect intensity.” Someone who rates high in affect intensity feels emotions more strongly than normal people. This is not good during a crisis, as you might imagine. For this reason, leftists should not be allowed to hold positions of power or authority.

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