19 May, 2021

Fantasy vs. Reality: Wikipedia and Cultural Marxism

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Wikipedia says: “Cultural Marxism is a far-right antisemitic conspiracy theory”… (Wikipedia, May 19, 2021).

Oh, really? A far-right, anti-Semitic “conspiracy theory”? The famous Jewish Marxist, Georg Lukacs, who was likely the very first government official to use Cultural Marxism in a hands-on fashion (since he was a government schoolteacher), was daily practicing Cultural Marxism (not economic Marxism) in Hungary in 1919. His official government job title in the communist government was…wait for it…“Deputy Commissar for Cultural and Educational Affairs.” Not economic affairs. Cultural affairs.

That means that Lukacs was in charge of cultural matters related to the Marxist government of Bela Kun in Hungary (Kun was also a Jew, as were most major communists in Europe and America).

Here’s a quote about Lukacs’ cultural mandates: “Children were not ignored. The Commissariat established a sex education program aimed at schoolchildren — the first of its kind in deeply Christian Hungary.”

So, cultural, not economic, Marxism has officially existed since at least 1919. That was well before the Jewish-led Frankfurt School began pushing Cultural Marxism in large volume at Columbia University in New York City circa 1934.

Maybe someone can now edit that Wikipedia page?

(Amusingly, Wikipedia mentions that the Soviet Union had, in its early days, education and arts commissars. That is Cultural Marxism, not economic Marxism).

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