25 May, 2021

Goy Control Losing as More States Adopt Constitutional Gun Carry

Posted by Socrates in guns & goy controllers, guns and gun issues, Holocaust, Holocaust humor, holocaust racket at 12:16 pm | Permanent Link

Jew #1: “OMG! Soon, White people in every state in America will be able to defend themselves against violent negroes — you know, like the ones that we turned loose on them with our ‘civil rights’ activism!”

Jew #2: “OMG! We better flee to Israel while there’s still time! The goyim are getting restless! They’re getting a clue!”

Jew #3: “Yes! We must flee soon! Freedom is breaking out! White people could re-gain control of America and that wouldn’t be good for us! We could be Holocausted — for real this time!”

(20 U.S. states now have constitutional-carry gun laws, meaning no “permit” is required to carry a gun; Texas will make that number 21).


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