29 May, 2021

Is the Tide Finally Turning Against Woke?

Posted by Socrates in "woke", 'politically correct' definition, Critical Race Theory, Critical Theory, Cultural Marxism, Marxism, Marxism and equality, Marxism as anti-White, political correctness, Soviet propaganda, Soviet Union, War On White Males, War On White People at 1:26 pm | Permanent Link

“Woke” (i.e., Cultural Marxism/political correctness) was tolerated for quite a while, until it began targeting really young children [1]. Then Whites began pushing back against it. The very idea that a 4-year-old child is “racist” and needs Marxist indoctrination in pre-school!



[1] newbies, “politically correct” (PC) was a popular Soviet term. It referred to “something that is not factually correct, but is nonetheless politically correct” — in other words, it’s a lie. Political correctness is a sub-ideology of Cultural Marxism.

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