18 May, 2021

Liberals and Reality: They Never Meet Because Liberals Fear Reality

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Liberals love postmodernism (postmodern philosophy), which became a big thing circa 1960. Why? Because it’s an updated, more-intellectual, broader type of Marxism [1]. Most importantly, liberals love postmodernism because it allows them to deny reality. Liberals are deathly afraid of reality. They really are. They’re like children who are afraid to go down into grandma’s scary basement at night. “I’m not going down there! No way!” Postmodernism is all about denying reality so it’s perfect for wimpy leftists who still live with their parents.


“The left says we don’t live in the real world, it’s them who do not live in the real world. With how much they love to deny reality, that point should be very clear.”



[1] Marxism was on its way out circa 1960. Most people were bored and disenchanted with it. But just then, the French postmodernist assholes revived Marxism by re-inventing it as postmodernism, which actually covers a lot of ground: art, architecture, literature, philosophy, politics. Some people call it postMarxism. Like Critical Theory, postmodernism is based on criticism and on tearing-down the existing order of things. It’s basically Cultural Marxism, but more severe in many ways as it denies reality and truth.

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