18 May, 2021

Stepford is Cool

Posted by Socrates in feminism, Feminists, feminization of the West, movies at 11:04 am | Permanent Link

Woman #1: “OMG! My husband is going to kill me because I’m a worthless, uppity feminist!”

Woman #2: “OMG! How dare that horrible Neanderthal husband kill you! You are in danger! You must flee Stepford!”

Woman #1: “Yes! I will flee! I refuse to cook and clean! I’m a liberated woman! Damn those evil men!”


Woman #1: “La-la-la! I just love cooking and cleaning! I love pleasing my husband! I love baking cookies!”

Woman #2: “OMG! She’s been Stepforded!”

[Movie, 1975, 2 hours].

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