4 May, 2021

Texas: Liberal Austin Throws the Bums Out

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Sanity may be slowly returning to America! Just kidding. America is now insane. Anyway, Austin, the liberal “college city” in Texas, has banned “public camping.” (Did you know that, up until circa 1975, the police could arrest people for vagrancy? For example, sleeping or even sitting in a parking lot or a doorway. The cops could and did take people to jail for that. Every state had vagrancy laws. Today? No more vagrancy laws. Bums not only sleep in doorways today but they crap in doorways! California needs to bring back vagrancy laws, but it won’t. That would be “intolerance” and “fascism”; there’s a career opportunity for big, muscular men: get hired by business owners and homeowners to “police the bums” in California cities).

“The camping ban makes it illegal to camp in any public area not designated by the Parks and Recreation Department; to sit or lie on a public sidewalk or sleep outdoors in and near the downtown area and the area around the University of Texas campus; and to panhandle at specific hours and locations.”


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