16 May, 2021

The Lies of Franz Boas

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“Recently, two physical anthropologists reanalyzed Boas’s head-form data. They report that Boas — now considered the founding father of modern American anthropology — was wrong.

“Penn State historian of science Robert Proctor says, ‘Boasians turned away from bones altogether.’ Or, as Skull Wars author Thomas states in an October 8, 2002, New York Times article reporting on the Sparks-Jantz paper: ‘Once we anthropologists said race doesn’t exist, we have ignored it since then.'”

What is a Jew? A human lying machine. Lie, lie, lie, in order to aid the paranoid Jews as a people. Old saying: “each time something big happens in the world, the Jew asks himself only one question: ‘is this good or bad for the Jews?'” Nothing else matters. They are navel-gazing, self-centered people.


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