30 May, 2021

The Real McCarthy Record

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(Above: a young Joe McCarthy, circa 1944).

by James Drummey (September 1996).

Like Hitler and Donald Trump, nearly everything you hear about Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-Wisconsin; 1908-1957) is a lie. All you really need to know is that he was right: there were indeed hundreds of communists working inside the U.S. government circa 1950. And most of those communists were Jews (although McCarthy never said they were Jews). As you can imagine, America’s Jewish media tore McCarthy a new arse and was largely responsible for his downfall. Powerful Jewish forces were daily pushing against McCarthy: Hollywood, bankers, Albert Einstein. Even the term “McCarthyism” was coined by a Jew (the famous cartoonist Herb Block, aka “Herblock”) in 1950. Here’s one of Herblock’s anti-McCarthy cartoons).


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