4 May, 2021

Thoughts on Democracy for Newbies

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A very bad thing about democracy is that it treats everyone as “equal” even when they’re not equal. (In fact, there’s no such thing as human equality. Humans vary greatly in ability, IQ, strengths/weaknesses, etc.).

Consider the rock group The Who (which apparently is still intact/not disbanded). By far, the most musically talented man in The Who is Pete Townshend. He wrote almost all of The Who’s music. As a result, it would be logical for Townshend to have more decision-making authority (music-wise) in the band than the other members. Townshend should have 75% decision-making ability and the rest of the members the remaining 25%. In other words, Townshend would have veto power, music-wise. It would be wrong to give a less-talented member of the band authority equal to Townshend’s. Note that I’m speaking of musical authority here, (e.g., which songs are recorded, which songs aren’t, etc.) and not band-management authority — they have a general manager for that, I assume. I don’t know if that is the way the band works (I don’t know much about the band’s inner workings). But I hope you get my point. A democracy’s biggest fault is how it treats everyone as being equally capable. Humans are not one-size-fits-all worker bees. That’s a communist mindset. In fact, easily the most dangerous idea to emerge in the West in the past 200 years is the idea of human equality; it is now worshiped and demanded everywhere: in schools, in workplaces, in marriages. Human equality is like a religion today, even though no two humans are equal in ability, IQ, strengths/weaknesses, etc. (Take Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, for example: both were great, inventive geniuses who lived in the same era. But equal? No way. Not at all) [1].


[1] Re: Edison vs. Tesla: “They’re different inventors, but you can’t really say one is greater, because American society needs some Edisons and it needs some Teslas” — author W. Bernard Carlson, “Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age” (2013).

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