13 May, 2021

Top Government Jews Testify That White Supremacist Violence is the Biggest Threat to America

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So, the biggest deadly threat to America isn’t death by car accidents (which are in the thousands per year), falls (in the thousands per year), death by medical errors (thousands), death by swimming pool accidents (hundreds), assault by negro and Mexican criminals (hundreds, maybe thousands), death by spousal abuse (hundreds), death by cold weather (hundreds). No. The biggest threat to America is death by peaceful White people (“White supremacists”) who want to use peaceful activism to improve their chances of surviving long enough to see the year 2040! It’s bullshit. Pure bullshit. In fact, if you have studied the January 6 incident in D.C., you know that leftists, not “White supremacists,” carried out the violence at the Capitol (after being let into the building by security guards/cops for some strange reason; also, there was not much violence on that day — mostly window-breaking and so forth).

News quote: “Testifying alongside (Attorney General Merrick) Garland was Alejandro Mayorkas, who heads the Department of Homeland Security.” Both are Jews.


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