6 June, 2021

Biden and His Global Tax

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In the minds of liberals, what’s even better than federal power? Global power.

“Evil globalist millionaires aren’t paying their fair share of taxes!” says the globalist multi-millionaire Joe Biden. “Pot calling kettle black.” Isn’t this just typical? Say what you will about corporations (not many people like them, and for good reason), but this will be a treaty. Too often, treaties violate state sovereignty. Remember, treaties are temporary, but sovereignty is permanent. Treaties usually cause more harm than good. (How ironic: state sovereignty is “championed” in the UN Charter, yet the UN Security Council frequently violates state sovereignty with its “no-fly zones”, e.g., in Bosnia in 1993 and Libya in 2011. Saying one thing, doing another…).

Granted, the article mentions Facebook and Amazon, but there are many more companies than those which will be impacted by this global tax scheme.

Each state must deal with the taxing of corporations on its own. There’s no need for a global tax scheme. It’s just more global baloney.

Importantly, this global tax plan also includes…wait for it…”climate change” mandates: “Commits for the first time to embed climate change and biodiversity loss into decision-making…” You knew that was coming!


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