7 June, 2021

Does Your White City Have a Eruv?

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How arrogant! First, the kosher symbol, and now the eruv — or is it the other way around? Anyway, the Jews always get special treatment in the White countries. (How come we never hear about “Jewish privilege”??).

“Many readers may not appreciate that there is literally a Jewish religious metal wire, running overhead in many of our nation’s cities. It is strung up like a telephone line or electric wire and can run for miles in large cities like New York. Seen from overhead by drone cameras, for example, it looks like a wire used in a livestock fencing system. It is constantly overseen, inspected, serviced, protected, and maintained by a secret organized team in each city. It is regulated by city ordinance and subsidized by taxpayers. The wires are not only in New York, but in St. Louis, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, and dozens of other cities across the United States.”


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