10 June, 2021

East vs. West, or Buddha in America

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(Above: a Buddha statue. Most common is the seated Buddha; much rarer is the standing Buddha).

Seen on a video clip: a giant Buddha statue. At first I thought it was in Thailand. But it was in Watsonville, California. It seems that there are many Buddha statues in America (there’s one in Carmel, New York that is 37 feet tall).

It’s sometimes surprising how much Asian influence is found in America. Lots of White people have apartments decorated with Asian themes, or they have Asian-themed tattoos (e.g., with Chinese writing on them). Maybe they think Eastern culture is better than Western culture? Maybe they think Eastern culture is more “spiritual”? (it probably is; meditation is big in Asia).

In the East, they sit and think about things. In the West, they also think about things, but then they get up and do the things they thought about. Just thinking about something doesn’t really help you. But doing it helps you: you can think about climbing the mountain, or you can climb it.

Also concerning East vs. West, Whites value freedom much more than Asians. That must be why White men love guns but Asians don’t.

The Asian mind is copy-copy-copy. Asians can reproduce thousands of computers, very efficiently, each one exactly alike. But Asians aren’t very creative. They’re like ants. Each one is like the next one. (How do the police put out an A.P.B. for a criminal in China? “Suspect is short, has slanted eyes, and black hair. There he is! No, wait, that’s not him…the guy next to him! That’s him! No, wait…”).

Furthermore, Asians have no longing to search for the “why.” But Whites do. For example, the Asian doesn’t care why cold water is heavier than hot water. The White does. He wants to run tests to find out why oak trees live twice as long as hickory trees, for example. That’s why Asians, despite their significant intelligence, never “set the world on fire” but Whites did, beginning as early as 700 BC [1]. Only Whites feel a burning need to search for answers, to find logic where none seems to exist, to reach for the stars (literally, like going to the moon, or to Mars). That longing, that need to explore, is exclusively a White thing.

Indeed, Whites invented the world: the telephone, the automobile, the bicycle, electricity, the computer, the airplane, the TV set, the air conditioner, the furnace, the radio/stereo, the lightbulb, the camera, the wheelbarrow, the telescope, the clock, the wristwatch, the refrigerator, concrete, dynamite, surveying equipment, the printing press, marine/sea navigation tools, democracy, space travel — Whites created all those things. (Trivia: I recently saw a leftist wearing a t-shirt with the Imperial Japan flag (the rising sun) on it! Crazy, huh??).

(As Jerry Abbott said, non-Whites culturally appropriate things from Whites every single day. In fact, we should charge them money for using our technology).


[1] “What shocked me were my interviews with scholars of non-western cultures. Here, I am referring not only to western specialists in the great non-western traditions, but scholars who were themselves born into those traditions – Arab archaeologists or writers, economists and historians from India and China, poets and dramatists from Japan and Africa. All of them – there were no exceptions – said the same thing. In the 20th century, in the modern world, there were no non-western ideas of note.” — author/writer Peter Watson, in his article “Lost in the Swamp of Modernity”; in New Statesman magazine, 29 October 2001.

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