2 June, 2021

For Newbies: Why Did America Come Unglued?

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(America was half-way normal until Donald Trump won the November 2016 election. Then things started going to hell. Just a coincidence? No. That’s exactly why things went to hell. Had anybody else been elected, America would still be half-way normal).

In early 2016, the Judeo-Left thought it finally had America bagged [1]. Yep. Traditional America was in a sack, ready to be cooked. Hillary Clinton was going to win the November election and Cultural Marxism was going to be fully and permanently installed, just like in England (the UK now has “racism police” to make sure that White people worship Black people).

But then something happened that nobody — on the Left or the Right — could have predicted. Not only did Donald Trump become president, but he awakened something that had been asleep for decades: right-wing populism, which went into a coma in December 1941 with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

The Judeo-Left greatly fears right-wing populism (hereafter: Trumpism). Judeo-Leftists break out in a sweat at the mere mention of it. And things soon got worse for the Judeo-Left: Trump had the best economy of any president in 50 years! That was quite a feat. In other words, Trumpism worked, and worked very well! And, Trump began an “America-first” campaign: he removed America from the Paris “climate-change” treaty, he forced China to play fair in trade deals, etc. Shades of 1939 patriotic White America! Father Coughlin and Charles Lindbergh, all over again, in 2018! OMG! The Judeo-Leftists hate “America first” because they hate White Western culture. Perhaps worst of all for the Judeo-Left, Trump’s followers loved him. They would chant “we love you!” at Trump’s political rallies. That’s very unusual, and very scary for the Judeo-Left.

So it was not looking good for the Judeo-Left: America was no longer “in the bag.” The Judeo-Left knew that something must be done to stop Trump and his many millions of loyal followers. Trumpism could even spread to Europe! OMG! But what could the Judeo-Left do to stop Trumpism? Well, at least a dozen things.

First, the Judeo-Leftists tried to remove Trump from office using surprisingly silly tactics (like the bogus Steele Dossier), none of which worked. Then they tried to impeach him, but that didn’t work either. But then, just after the first impeachment failed, came an odd virus (then called Coronavirus, now called Covid-19), a strange disease that spread throughout America, which seemed to come from China [2]. That’s when all hell really broke loose in America.

The Judeo-Leftists saw the Coronavirus as a great way to nip Trumpism in the bud. They could use it as an excuse to keep Trump and his followers perpetually off-balance, frightened and broke (in the case of small-business owners), which would, in theory, kill off or at least severely weaken Trumpism. But Coronavirus wasn’t as deadly or as frightening as the Judeo-Left had thought, and Coronavirus mandates, such as lockdowns, failed to dent Trumpism. So more pressure had to be brought to bear against Trumpism. That’s when the Judeo-Left launched a “full-court press” of political activism: an all-out war on Trumpism, covering all of the bases. While media leftists were writing ridiculous screeds about Trumpism and manufacturing “racist” incidents in every city, younger leftists were rioting in the streets daily, yelling that Trump was a “fascist” and a “Nazi.” Every leftist in America was mobilized against Trumpism in some way. No tactic was off-limits in the battle against Trumpism, no matter how illegal or immoral: Blacks were recruited to lie about “racism” 24/7; antifa thugs were urged to vandalize police stations and assault normal people on the street; “transsexuals” were pushed into the media spotlight to further weaken the morale of traditional America. The Judeo-Left wanted traditional America to be off-balance, scared, confused and demoralized.

Finally, Trump was removed from office in November 2020 via massive election fraud. Whether the fraudsters will ever be punished for that remains to be seen.

But Trumpism has not disappeared. Not at all! In fact, Trump may be back in office in the Congress as soon as 2022, a fact that no doubt will cause the Judeo-Left to try to keep America in a state of fear and confusion.

So, that is why America had, and still has: Covid-19 hysteria, “cancel culture,” “defund the police”, “woke”, “systemic racism” claims, “White privilege” claims, Critical Race Theory, and so on. It was, and is, all about sidelining Donald Trump and his 74 million (actually, it’s closer to 100 million) normal White followers. But it won’t work: the sleeping giant of right-wing populism is now awake and ready to fight for traditional America.


[1] “Judeo-Left” refers to the fact that the political Left in America is basically a Jewish construct and is led by Jews in the media.

[2] many people have questioned the very odd timing of the Coronavirus appearance in America: just after the second impeachment of Trump had failed. Was it just a coincidence?

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