20 June, 2021

Good Quote

Posted by Socrates in Third World, Turd-World people, Western aid to Africa, Western aid to the Turd World, Western civilization, Western culture, Western decline, White benevolence, White philosophy, White thought at 5:28 am | Permanent Link

A good web quote about the “benefits” of White people helping non-White, Third World people:

“Pampering the third world with aid every time there is a famine or an earthquake or whatever will backfire on us. All this money and modern medicine the west has sent to the third world has helped eliminate the problems there and so forth, life expectancy and living standards have increased and as a result the third world population has exploded. 100 years ago whites were outnumbered by non-whites only 2 to 1. In the early 1960s, they outnumbered us 7 to 1. Today, non-whites outnumber us I think 11 to 1, and now there is an inexhaustible supply of yellow, black and brown that would bend over backwards for any opportunity to immigrate to our lands.”

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