24 June, 2021

Guillaume Faye: The Necessity of Contemplating an Ethnic War for Survival

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by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

“The volume opens with a competent, but unfortunately irritating, Foreword by Constantin von Hoffmeister. We are introduced to a broad overview of Faye’s thought, which is unnecessarily peppered with nasty asides at some of the very people most likely to now read and admire Faye’s work. We are told, for example, of a need to rid different nationalist groupings of “archaic positions, such as the outdated animosity towards Jews.” First, it should be considered an axiom that any people that starts believing the Jewish Question to be relegated to the past will soon find itself relegated to the past. Or to put it another way — patronize this issue at your peril.” (It goes almost without saying that any White man who suggests that the Jewish Question be ignored or even downplayed is not a genuine White nationalist. Indeed, the Jews almost single-handedly built the political Left in the West. Ignoring the Jews vis-a-vis White political activism would be like hunters carrying unloaded guns into the field! A wasted effort!).


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