12 June, 2021

Life in South Africa For Whites (That Life is Coming Soon to America)

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South Africa used to be controlled by White people. But the “international community” decided that Whites ruling over Blacks was a “no-no” and so powerful Jews (like Henry Kissinger) demanded that White rule be stopped. It was, in 1993/1994. Now South Africa is controlled by Black people and of course it has gone to Hell. Crime is rampant. Nothing works. Power/phone outages are a daily occurrence. Corruption is everywhere. It’s a toilet. Think “Detroit but much bigger and much worse.”

Below, a White man reports on how horrible things are in South Africa. This will happen to America eventually:


“****, man, after the reset I’ve joined a few Afrikaanse chat rooms and I’ve been chatting quite intensely with some people there. To get a detailed picture of White life in South Africa. It is waaaaaaaaay worse than you think.

It is over the top bat **** ******* crazy. “Third world” doesn’t cut it. I mean even in Brazil or the US there are areas where people would be wise to wear bullet proof vests to the supermarket, so that doesn’t even impress me. This SA situation is unprecedented, dude.

Most Whites got fired all of a sudden a few years ago when the gov introduced an “80 percent blacks at the workplace” quota. Since the government had already limited welfare to blacks only, these White families were homeless within weeks. They are living in improvised roadside camps, where mothers prostitute themselves and fathers sell drugs, to be able to feed their kids. And they’re not even always succeeding. Kids are underweight or malnourished.

Now that winter is on its way, there’s concern some people may freeze. Last winter, a church had collected a lodge full of clothes for people in the homeless camps, but during a strict Corona lockdown when nobody was watching, the police raided the lodge and took all the clothes for themselves.

The “80 percent black staff” applies even to households. So if a White family wishes to get a security guard, a cleaning lady or a gardner, they have to hire blacks. Those blacks then turn their back on their employer and collaborate with farm attackers by giving them the keys to the house or telling them when exactly it’s best to strike.

Most farm attacks, murders, muggings, car thefts, car attacks, are inside jobs. A common place to get killed or robbed is just outside a bank after a withdrawal. Because the black teller will make a phonecall to the local black gang as you leave the bank premises with your cash. By the time you get to your car, they shoot at you and take your money. (A few days ago a black policeman died this way, just outside a bank, after having withdrawn his own money. If they do it to blacks, they won’t bat an eye before doing it to Whites, obviously.)

Some weeks ago, a young Dutch guy traveled to SA to marry his Afrikaanse fiancee. They had a lovely wedding at a resort. They were paranoid about security, checked all windows and doors every chance they got. And yet the guy didn’t make it through the wedding night. An employee of the resort had given robbers the key to the honeymoon cabin so they could steal the wedding gifts. The groom heard something, went to see what was up, and got shot dead. The bride was left widowed and pennyless.

Because security guards and the police are black/corrupted, White men (who aren’t homeless) are doing tactical training and organizing their own security groups with nightshifts, watchtowers, professional equipment, the whole shebang. White women who aren’t homeless try to prep/stock food in spite of inflation and supermarket safety being issues of concern. The men use Telegram to alert each other of a farm attack, and whoever is on call goes over to help. I once asked a guy on the team how often he’s received an alert. He said: so far almost every day. He said the worse part is the paperwork after a farm shoot out. The police will try to blame the White victim of a farm attack for racially driven murder.

Meanwhile, because qualified, experienced White employees were suddenly replaced by random unfit blacks, the country is falling apart. Almost every week there’s either a power cut or an internet cut. Either unplanned, or even planned to “relieve the system”. Until recently an entire province spent 7 months without running water. People drove up to other provinces to fill up bottles with water. I don’t even know what this has cost them in terms of petrol.

Meanwhile, only ONE single black guy has spoken out against the farm attacks. ONE. Which is still more than the gov is doing. In fact the government riles people up with a now famous song “Kill the Boer”, sometimes played on the radio.”

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