16 June, 2021

Q: Why Does Cancel Culture Exist? A: Trump and His 100 Million White Supporters

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Cancel culture is not about bullying or power per se. It’s about fear: certain people fear a resurgence of White, right-wing populism (i.e., “Trumpism”). Most of the people who were “canceled” (deplatformed) were people who were seen as engaging in some type of “right wing bad-think.” Indeed, all of Donald Trump’s close associates were canceled for no good reason. (Even Dr. Seuss was canceled for “racism”!).

Cancel culture arrived on the coattails of the greatly-exaggerated “Me Too” movement. It began to gain real strength when the Jews and the leftists realized, circa 2017, that Donald Trump was not only popular with conservative White people, but extremely popular with those White people, to a degree never seen before in American politics. White people tolerated, and sometimes even liked, other politicians, but they loved Trump. He was more popular than pizza and ice cream combined. At several Trump rallies, the crowds actually chanted to Trump: “we love you!” That was politically unprecedented (even Reagan didn’t get that kind of special treatment), and it was scary to the Jews, who are very sensitive to, and very paranoid about, White, populist leaders who could potentially lead a huge movement of populist White people (which is exactly what Trump did). Trump acted way too much like a 1930s populist for the comfort of the Jews and the leftists, especially when he criticized Mexicans (i.e., illegal aliens) as being criminals and rapists on the very same day that he announced his candidacy. That’s how cancel culture began, and why it’s still going strong today. It’s an attack on Trumpism (again, White, right-wing populism). It should be called “cancel Trump culture” instead. Had Trump lost the 2016 election, cancel culture would have never become “a thing.” (Indeed, the theft of the 2020 federal election is very much connected to cancel culture and was all about the fear of a second Trump presidential term, and, no doubt, a fear that Trumpism could spread to Europe, which it kinda did [think Brexit; there is also currently a Frexit movement in France]).

[Video; 8 minutes].

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