25 June, 2021

The Beat Generation

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(Above: the Jewish homosexual poet, Allen Ginsberg [1926-1997], one of the most famous of the “beatniks”)

The Beat Generation: the beginning of the end of traditional American culture.

A definition of the Beat Movement: queers, drug addicts and Jews pushing a “counterculture” movement before anyone knew what a counterculture was. The Beat movement morphed into the 1960s counterculture (hippie) movement and the anti-racism movement. (Allen Ginsberg allegedly coined the term “flower power” for the hippie movement).

The Beat generation, which emerged in NYC circa 1955, glorified alcoholism, drug use, sexual promiscuity, and jazz music. It said being poor is okay, being rootless and shiftless (a vagabond) is okay, and “fighting the establishment” is the most noble thing you can do. It was a Jewish/leftist mentality, even though many, if not most, of the major Beat figures were gentiles. Beat culture was a rebel culture, a liberating culture, which reflected the Jewish mentality perfectly. I want to call it “a largely-gentile movement steeped in New York/Jewish values.”

Three books basically launched the Beat Generation: Allen Ginsberg’s disgusting “Howl” (Howl and Other Poems; it was originally banned), William S. Burroughs’ “Naked Lunch” and Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road.” A Jew, Herb Caen, called them “beatniks” and the word stuck. Singer Bob Dylan and comedian Lenny Bruce (both Jews) were significant Beat figures, although some people may not lump them in with Ginsberg and Burroughs, since the Beat Movement was a literary movement.

Beat culture seeped into books, which seeped into movies, which seeped into TV shows. It wasn’t long before this worldview was more-or-less standard in American culture. Beat culture could not have become a “thing” without big help from the Jewish media.

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