22 June, 2021

The Biggest Hallmark of Marxism

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Marxism has many hallmarks: murder, violence, corruption. The biggest one? Lies. It plays fancy word games because it has to fool the stupid citizens.

Marxism is a Jewish pyramid scheme: you recruit 10 people into the scheme by convincing them that Western culture must be destroyed in order to save humanity. Then those 10 people recruit another 10 people. And so on and so forth. Soon, you have, e.g., a “Communist Party of California,” etc., etc.

In other words, Marxism uses fancy, made-up words and phrases to convince the citizens that Marxism is legitimate and scholarly, when in fact it’s all Jewish bullshit. Double-talk. Ethnic babble posing as truth. Marxists can blather all they want to about “post-structural discourses of modernity in the form of instrumental rationality” but it’s all meaningless horseshit; what the fuck is that? They should sell used cars, they’d make a fortune!

Marxism is a pyramid scheme, so it needs to fool the people with fancy words and phrases. Here’s the key take-away: if a Jew invented it, don’t go near it.

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