9 June, 2021

They Are Pushing the Covid Vaccines Very Hard. Why?

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Covid-19 is roughly as deadly as the flu. Okay. So, most people don’t die from it. Most people who get Covid-19 won’t even show any symptoms, or, will show mild symptoms. Yet, there is a certain hysteria about “getting everyone vaccinated.” Why? Why this vaccine, but not other vaccines? It’s a crusade, a literal crusade by the media and the government to get everyone vaccinated. Given the flu-like nature of Covid, this hysterical push for vaccinations for everyone in America is rather suspicious. Who gains? Big Pharma? The shareholders of Big Pharma stock? The NWO crowd? The globalists? The Hare Krishnas? The Baptists? Who? All we know for sure is, re: the Covid vaccines: there are many billions of dollars at stake. [1].



[1] interestingly, Big Pharma is said to have a “stock-buyback obsession” (i.e., stock repurchasing, which enriches shareholders in the short term, and can have other benefits as well. More about stock buybacks: HERE)

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