14 June, 2021

Want to Endanger the Entire West? It Only Takes a Few Reckless Jews and Leftists

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(Above: the Clinton Administration official Sandy Berger [1945-2015], who was caught stealing classified material from the National Archives. But he suffered only mild punishment for the theft because, you know, “anti-Semitism” caused him to stuff the classified material into his socks. Those no-good anti-Semites! It wasn’t his fault!).

“U.S. policy towards China since the 1990s represents perhaps the biggest strategic miscalculation by any great power in human history. Just as communism was wobbling and beginning to fall everywhere else, we helped Beijing come up with the first economically viable form of communism.”

Yes, indeed! America, and the rest of the West, will soon seriously regret allowing the Jew, Sandy “Socks” Berger, and much of the rest of the Clinton Administration, to “nurture” and “grow” China from being a poor, backwards, agriculturally-based country to being a global superpower with a huge military [1]. By using various methods, Socks and the Gang helped China to take off like a rocket (pun intended): through American job outsourcing, Most-Favored-Nation trading status, American supercomputer technology, and other things, they helped China to grow amazingly fast. Within 20 years of the Clinton Administration’s generous “help,” China was a global powerhouse ready to spread the “rice rabies” around the world. Such power is not good given that China is known for sneaky, hostile, anti-White behavior.

It won’t be long before the West is at war with China. It’s a given. Maybe in 10 years, or 15 years. But it’ll happen, and when it does, will anybody blame the reckless Jews and leftists of the past for that? Nope. Jews and leftists never get the blame for anything. Who will be blamed? Probably Donald Trump and MAGA activists.



[1] the Clinton Administration was one of the most Jewish administrations in American history: only the F.D. Roosevelt administration rivaled it in the number of Jews found within it. Top Clinton officials who were Jewish included: Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State; Robert Rubin, Secretary of the Treasury; Dan Glickman, Secretary of Agriculture; Samuel “Sandy” Berger, Head of the National Security Council; William Cohen, Secretary of Defense; Rahm Emanuel, Policy Advisor; Doug Sosnik, Counsel to President; Evelyn Lieberman, Deputy Chief of Staff; Stuart Eizenstat, Under-Secretary of State.

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