19 July, 2021

Another Angle to Covid: Global Population Control

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More food for thought here, re: the Covid-19 vaccine.

Several world-famous experts on human diseases have noted that the Covid-19 vaccine has an effect on female fertility, and also effects male sperm count. One expert said “women of breeding age” should not get the Covid vaccine.

What are two things that the global Left has a major hard-on about? 1) global warming; 2) people around the globe being poor and hungry. The Covid-19 vaccine would impact both of those things via reducing the global population (in the minds of the leftists, at least).

Was the Covid vaccine a left-wing Trojan Horse?

“I just saw a video from [U.K. prime minister] Boris Johnson’s father…advocating for the reduction of England’s population to 15 million…” (it’s about 64 million now).

“There is an absolute effect on fertility,” Zelenko says.


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